About SpeedSense

Online customers expect a world-class digital experience. That means a fast website without any friction. But most companies can't easily add a full-time headcount or migrate to a new platform to capitalize on this opportunity.

SpeedSense specializes in working with enterprise-scale ecommerce brands and omni-channel retailers, where a slow site is costing revenue and market share. Here, investment in site speed often has an immediate and meaningful impact on the bottom line.

We supercharge existing teams to become website speed experts, so they can continue to deliver a world-class digital experience long after we're gone. Our approach is hands-on and tailored to each client's needs. We work with you to set speed goals, identify website bottlenecks, and implement solutions that achieve results.

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SpeedSense exists to level the playing field on the web. We want to make sure that every business, no matter its size, has access to the resources they need to compete online.


To reclaim 100 years of human attention, 100 tons of CO2, and $100M incremental revenue for our clients. We’re building a faster web, one site at a time.

About Our Founder

SpeedSense founder Shawn O'Neill is a software engineer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise organizations, to help them improve the effectiveness of their digital teams and products. Shawn knows firsthand the correlation between a fast website and a company's bottom line. He is pragmatic and understands there is always more work to be done than time and people to do it.

Shawn started SpeedSense to address website speed from a business perspective. Having run ecommerce and engineering teams, he understands the fine line between meeting customer demand and building sustainable, secure, scalable digital products. His compassion for the end user shows up in the holistic approach SpeedSense takes toward performance.

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Shawn O'Neill
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It’s about more than just making a website load faster. It’s about building a more accessible, approachable, delightful web.



We assume good intent. Change requires vulnerability. We trust that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

Big-Picture Thinking

We understand that website speed is just one part of the puzzle, and we take a holistic approach to our work.

Attention to Detail

We balance our broad perspective with a laser focus on the craft. We only do one thing, and we do it well.

Infectious Optimism

We are solution-oriented rather than seeing only problems and roadblocks.

Humble Ambition

We strive for repeatable, sustainable successes over growth at all costs.

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