Site Speed Audit

Your web performance is directly tied to business performance. To compete, you need to be fast. Do you know where to start?

Performance auditing for ecommerce teams

Our Site Speed Audit is an in-depth analysis of your website’s speed and bottlenecks. We’ll take a close look at your architecture, design, and Core Web Vitals to find the biggest areas for improvement.

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How this helps


Clear, actionable recommendations to help you move forward.


Set precise targets based on real user traffic for every page.


Understand how Google sees your performance vs. your competition.

Our process

Our site analysis focuses on where your users are. We use anonymous analytics data to rank and scan your highest-traffic URLs—up to thousands of unique pages, representing years of aggregate user behavior. We look at on-site behavior, including key performance indicators like bounce rate, abandonment rate, and the revenue impact of each URL. We then compare performance data across thousands of scans to identify patterns and prioritize opportunities. Finally, we factor in Google’s Core Web Vitals score for your pages, collected from users around the world.

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“The shared passion for the customer is definitely appreciated. It’s something that we’ve lacked in other vendors.”

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What you get

Website Audit

Our site analysis combs through real and synthetic data to establish your current web performance. We inspect each URL for Core Web Vitals scores in Google’s databases.

Competitive Analysis

We deliver a comprehensive competitive performance rank—including a competitors’ matrix that shows where you stack up in your industry.

Page Type Breakdown

Even with thousands of URLs, most share common templates. Our analysis groups like pages so that you can take down hundreds of performance bugs with a single change.

Web Performance Dashboard

You’ll receive full access to a site speed dashboard for your brand, which encompasses your competitive analysis, site analysis, page type breakdown, and key opportunities.

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