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Accelerate your client portfolio

Are you an agency supporting brands and retailers? Are you building a product in the ecommerce space?

Partnering with SpeedSense helps you deliver industry-leading site speed for your clients and products.

Benefits of a Partnership

For your agency

SpeedSense geared the partner program towards agencies and product owners supporting consumer brands and retailers. As a partner, you benefit from a tight collaboration with our team and become your client's biggest hero!

Your clients expect "fast". Give it to them.

Access a dedicated SpeedSense Web Performance Consultant.

Prioritize limited development time to achieve site speed improvements.

Benefits of a Partnership

For your clients

As a client of our partners, you can rest assured that performance is always top of mind. Our team of experts monitors and reviews your sites to flag site speed regressions and point out new opportunities to keep ahead of your competition.

Boost conversion rates and revenue through improved UX.

Increase organic traffic through higher SERP rankings.

Maximize ROAS with optimized funnels.

our partners

Be your clients' biggest hero—like these partners


JIBE builds beautiful composable ecommerce experiences.

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Our partnership

Composable architecture can bring new challenges for operators. Ensure site speed is not one of those.

“SpeedSense sifts signal from the noise to present sensible recommendations that match businesses objectives”

Steve Krueger


Median converts your website into a native iOS & Android app.

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Our partnership

Median’s technology relies on highly performant client sites to ensure native iOS & Android apps are the most responsive. Median uses Sensai to uncover performance issues before they become a user experience detractor.

Dialed In

DialedIn is a web development agency focused on tackling problems and challenges by harnessing the power of technology.

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Our partnership

Collaborative oversight results in development work for the agency, and faster websites for their clients.

"Our customers enjoy significantly faster websites. Together, we accomplish more than we ever could on our own."

James Dixon
Founder & CEO


Clickmakers specializes in programmatic video, display, and search advertising to grow your business.

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Our partnership

Clickmakers collaborates with our consultants to uncover underperforming sites in their client portfolio. Together, we ensure conversion rates are best-in-class.

Known Digital

Known Digital is a digital marketing agency in Vancouver offering paid search management & google analytics training.

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Our partnership

The benefits of partnering with SpeedSense are multi-fold: The team at Known Digital monitors clients' site performance through Sensai to detect performance regression, while clients benefit from improved ROAS of an always-optimized funnel.


AddToCart provides data-capture, dashboarding, A/B testing and analysis services that empower online brands to scale their wins and make better decisions. AddToCart’s approach is simple, fun, and effective.

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Our partnership

Partnering with SpeedSense turned AddToCart into a market leader in efficient data capture and A/B testing. Our consulting services and diagnostic tools helped AddToCart achieve performant analytics — opening the door to true Conversion Rate Optimization.

"While site speed and web analytics complement each other, they are very different domains. SpeedSense has been our go-to resource for guidance in this area from the beginning. They've helped ensure that every analytics implementation and A|B test we design is as performant as possible."

Tav McGregor
Lead Analytics Consultant

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