ROI Modeling

Understand how website speed impacts your business goals, so you can make informed decisions about your technical roadmap.
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From milliseconds to dollars

It’s impossible to build a defensible business case for web performance if you can’t predict the lift to your bottom line; other projects will always take priority. You need a clear model mapping site speed to revenue to ROI.

Clients come to us for quantifiable predictions and results: This many milliseconds faster equals this many dollars more. We help them justify the budget. If the projected increase in revenue is in the millions, then the investment in web performance is a no-brainer.
— Shawn O’Neill, SpeedSense founder
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How this helps


Leading the competition requires investment. Justify the budget for ambitious site speed initiatives.


With solid numbers, you can allocate the time and resources for website speed improvements.


The relationship between speed and ecommerce conversion is specific to your website.

Our process

There is no one “speed” of your website–traffic is a distribution. Some pages, networks, and devices will be slow. Others will be fast. Similarly, conversion rate depends on many factors–namely site speed. Faster traffic converts better, but how much? And how fast?

We use data from your website to correlate changes in website speed with conversion rates and revenue. This lets you quantify the potential financial impact of website speed improvements before any changes are made.

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“[SpeedSense] helped us wade through the sea of data and metrics, and prioritize the right work based on our stack, priorities, and team throughput.”

Erik G.

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What you get

Predictive ROI model
The right metrics
Actionable insights
Fast enough

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