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Unlock Your Full Potential with Site Speed Intelligence

Bring your website up to speed with Sensai - the world’s first Site Speed Intelligence Platform.

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Faster website, healthier business

Monitor and improve web performance across thousands of pages seamlessly.

Supercharge your KPIs

A speedy site boosts traffic, conversion rates and revenue for your brand.

Lead the pack

Outperform your competitors and create the fastest site in your industry.

Delight your users

Drive engagement by offering the fastest experience for your customers.

Site Speed Intelligence for Teams

Sensai plugs into your entire organization with:
• Executive-level dashboards
• Deep-dives for product and marketing teams
• And the nitty-gritty for your dev and QA squads

Health performance score arc chart

A bird’s eye view for Leadership

Sensai takes the guesswork out of performance. Know where you stand at a glance.

Site Speed Health

You don’t need a dozen site speed KPIs.

Rely on Sensai to report your brand's overall website performance with just one number.

Focus your team

You always have more work than people. Make the most of your development budget by focussing on the highest impact opportunities.

Be the fastest

You don’t know how fast you need to be. Set performance targets to outrank your competition, boost search rank, and pass Core Web Vitals.

Health performance score arc chart

Empower Product Management and Marketing

Ensure your customer journey doesn’t end at the landing page.

Know where to act

With thousands of pages to optimize, you need focus.

Sensai ranks improvements by template and Core Web Vitals affected.

Know what //TODO

Build a better roadmap. Have confidence in your plan with prioritized and clear tickets for your developers, ranked by impact and reach.

Break down silos

You can’t prioritize a haystack of data. Fuse your real user behavior with performance insights so you can focus on optimizing your bottom line.

Health performance score arc chart

Equip your Implementation Teams

Build with confidence and increase developer productivity.

Drill down from website to file

Elevate your debugging workflow. Sensai surfaces problematic files and assets so that you don’t have to dig through your code or CMS aimlessly.

Performance Testing on Autopilot

Don’t spend hours per week running tests and updating spreadsheets. Put Sensai to work on synthetic audits, Core Web Vitals tracking, and GA4 extracts so you can focus on shipping features.

Pre-launch Assessment

Deployments carry risks. Sensai monitors performance over time - even in your staging environment before launch - tracking any regressions and improvements.

Four steps to a faster website.

Merge your disparate data streams. 

Sensai is plug-and-play with GA4 for dead-easy onboarding. No scripts to deploy, Sensai adapts intelligently based on your site and traffic. 

Delete your spreadsheets. 

Get daily Core Web Vitals for you and your competitors so you know where you stand with Google. 

Put Lighthouse on steroids with the power of the cloud. 

Sensai automates thousands of synthetic audits across your domain, merging these results to surface otherwise invisible issues.  

Let your customer behavior steer your roadmap.

Immediately pinpoint scripts to defer, images to recompress, third parties to disable, with real confidence from your data.

All your data in one sensible place

We help brands like you


Faster Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)


Lower Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


Faster Interaction to Next Paint (INP)

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Faster Homepage


Increase in Organic Traffic


Potential ROI

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Faster Product Detail Page


Faster Filtering and Sorting


Passing Core Web Vitals

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Faster Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)


Lower Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


Passing Core Web Vitals

See case study

A slow site will cost you

Some brands spin their wheels managing performance themselves, but at what opportunity cost to your business?

Lower Search Rank

Lost Revenue

Frustrated Customers

Inefficient Ad Spend

Faster website, healthier business

Automate your site speed program so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Search Rank


Customer Experience

Advertising ROI



Bounce Rates


Conversion Rate

Customer Lifetime Value

Cost Per Acquisition

CO2 Emissions

Infrastructure Costs