90-Day Site Speed Sprint

Level up the culture of web performance across your company in one quarter.
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What is a 90-day Site Speed Sprint?

Our 90-day Site Speed Sprint helps brands deeply integrate our processes and tooling to improve and maintain website speed. We'll help you narrow every performance issue to its core–based on the unique complexities of your stack and team–so you can make more strategic decisions about where to focus your time, budget, and resources.

Culture doesn’t change overnight. There’s a huge difference between having a fast website today, and having the team, values, and processes to build and maintain world-class digital experiences into the future.
— Shawn O’Neill, SpeedSense founder
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How this helps


Embed performance into your company culture across more than engineering.


Bake quality into every task with a few small but impactful changes in workflow.


Ship code that moves the needle on performance for your customers.

Our process

We'll meet with your team weekly to discover new opportunities based on our continuous audits and rank them on four key criteria: reach, impact, confidence and effort. From there, we'll help you make the business case for prioritizing these tasks, and continue to monitor your progress as you ship code. 

At the end of our engagement, you'll have a defensible performance roadmap to act on and the confidence to keep improving website performance. You'll also get access to 90 days of monitoring and tracking, and a site speed dashboard during the sprint so you can track your progress.

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“Our developers are empowered to leverage their skill sets to make the user experience better.”

Michael Kirby
Manager - Web Experience, Clearly

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Passing Core Web Vitals

What you get

Weekly coaching calls
Web performance roadmap
90-days of monitoring
Completed tickets

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