THINK Business LIVE with Shawn O'Neill, Founder & CEO of SpeedSense

Learn more from Shawn O'Neill about the importance of website speed and how it can benefit your business.

Shawn O'Neill
August 9, 2022

Welcome to another episode of Think Business Live with host John Dwoskin. In this episode, John interviews Shawn O'Neill, the CEO and Founder of SpeedSense, a company that specializes in helping businesses improve their website speed. This insightful conversation delves into the importance of website speed and its impact on user experience, revenue, and SEO ranking.

Top 5 takeaways:

  1. 👩‍💻 Attention span is critical in the digital age, making website speed a crucial factor in retaining users and increasing revenue.
  2. 🎨 Striking a balance between website speed and rich, engaging content is essential. Prioritize loading important elements first to improve user experience.
  3. 🖼️Optimizing images and properly loading third-party assets can significantly impact website performance.
  4. 📊 Prioritizing the most crucial aspects of your site to speed up can help manage the overwhelming amount of data and metrics.
  5. 💪SpeedSense caters to e-commerce brands with an outsourced, fractional team approach to improve website speed, so that these companies don’t have to build an in-house team.

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