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How It Works

Sensai helps you track, analyze and act on real user data so you can boost your site speed, conversion rates, and revenue.

Monitor Performance

Gain insights into website speed, core web vitals, and customer behaviour through custom dashboards.

Benchmark Against Competitors

Monitor and analyze competitor performance, optimize strategies, and gain a leg up in your industry.

Pinpoint Performance Issues

Ensure seamless user experiences by identifying bottlenecks across mobile and desktop platforms.

What You Get

Detect, diagnose, and track performance issues in one central dashboard

Early Access Privileges

Be among the first to access the Sensai platform and gain a competitive edge.

GA4 Integration

Automatically track real user behaviour with Sensai’s GA4 integration.

1000+ URLs Tracked

Monitor Lighthouse scores, Core Web Vitals, and custom metrics to prioritize and improve page performance.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

Access both Synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to understand customer experiences.

Pre-Launch Assessment:

Ensure landing pages and new features meet performance standards before going live.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive dashboards designed for developers, product owners, and ecommerce professionals.

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